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Oak Chardonel Alto Vineyards Wine.jpg

This French-American hybrid is barrel fermented and aged for a crisp, rich complex flavor. Get creative and pair it with herb roasted chicken with butternut squash or smoked salmon with capers. Yum!

Villard Blanc Alto Vineyards Wine.jpg

A favorite of our wine maker's wife, Katrina Renzaglia, this wine is light and fruity with delightful lemon and green apple flavors with just a touch of French oak. Villard pairs excellently with almost the entire spectrum of foods including white fish or beef steaks.

Chardonel Alto Vineyards Wine.jpg
This popular wine has a bright nose of honeysuckle and crisp granny smith apples. It pairs very well with pork, chicken, white cream pastas, and grilled pizzas.

Vidal Blanc Alto Vineyards Wine.jpg

This fun wine has great aromas of pears and pineapple. Explore its complimentary flavors with pairings like sushi with wasabi and ginger, or your favorite hot and spicy dishes.

Traminette Alto Vineyards Wine.jpg

This tasty wine has a wonderful floral aroma with spice and key lime flavors.  It pairs perfectly with Thai cuisine or yummy cream sauces.

Heartland White Alto Vineyards Wine.jpg

This popular blend of Niagra grapes has a light body, with hints of apple and grapefruit for a delightful native American wine experience. Youíll quickly see why itís the perfect match for cheeses and heavier seafood.

Wiener Dog White Alto Vineyards Wine.jpg

This proprietorís blend of Vignoles, Villard, Vidal Blanc, and Chardonel pays homage to the one of our first greeters, Lucy. It is easy to drink with a melon aroma and mango and pear flavors. Take it to the next level with fish, shellfish, chicken, and green salads.

Vignoles Alto Vineyards Wine.jpg

VIGNOLES (Semi-Sweet)
This wine is light, crisp and refreshing with pineapple and citrus flavors. It's fantastic for an outdoor lunch with crab cakes, fish fries, or chicken.

Shawnee Gold Alto Vineyards Wine.jpg

This premium German style wine has wonderful apricot and citrus aromas, balanced with a sweet finish. Relax and enjoy it at a picnic or sporting event with chicken salad or a lighter dessert like angel food cake.


Alto Festa Alto Vineyards Wine.jpg

ALTO FESTA (Semi-dry)
This light and fruity Chambourcin Blush is our version of a White Zinfandel, with hints of cranberry and apple. Take it on your next picnic to serve with Havarti cheese and a tuna sandwich.

Heartland Blush Alto Vineyards Wine.jpg

One word: DELICIOUS! This delicate and fruity Concord wine is reminiscent of grandma's grape jelly. Tantalize your senses by pairing it with fruit and cheese appetizers.


Porto di Guido Alto Vineyards Wine.jpg

This one-of-a-kind port-style wine is made from our Chambourcin grapes will keep you toasty on a cool fall night. Escape with the scents of coffee, chocolate and a hint of oak, and enjoy with blue cheese, chocolate desserts, nuts, or a fine cigar.


2005 Chambourcin Alto Vineyards Wine.jpg

This premium, rich, full bodied wine is our wine maker and owner, Paul Renzaglia's wine of choice and should be enjoyed with friends, with soft tannins and a black cherry and plum finish. It's a great match for grilled beef and portabella mushrooms, or your favorite red-sauce pizza.

Norton Alto Vineyards Wine.jpg

Dark, almost blackish red color with an aroma of coffee and cassis flavor. Similar to some of the Bordeaux wines in France. If youíre looking for a high-quality, dry, full-bodied red wine you only thought you could find in California or France, hereís the wine for you. This bold wine plays well with barbecue dishes and smoked meats.

Dawg House Red Alto Vineyards Wine.jpg

This house favorite blend of Corot Noir and Chambourcin grapes has a complex flavor, but can be enjoyed with just about anything at anytime, including Saluki events! Eat, drink, and be merry!

Rocko Red Alto Vineyards Wine.jpg

ROCKO RED (Semi-Sweet)
Named after the first vineyard dog, this full flavored wine is for those who want the benefits of red wine but not the extra-dry taste. Go wild with lamb, steaks, and hearty pasta dishes.

Heartland Red Alto Vineyards Wine.jpg

A light, chillable red wine made from Concord grapes. It's fantastic with fresh fruit, mild cheeses, and your favorite red sauces.


Cherry Berry Alto Vineyards Wine.jpg

A 50/50 blend of cherries and raspberries make a "berry" delightful dessert wine. Go ahead, indulge. Try pouring it over cake or ice cream.


Sangria Alto Vineyards Wine.jpg

A versatile, lighter bodied red wine mixed with a refreshing blend of tropical fruit concentrates and savory spices. Made from Grandma Renzaglia's own secret recipe, this red Sangria is to be celebrated year round.  Serve on ice with a splash of Sprite during the summer, or try it on a festive winter night.